New Treatment Foster Care Lending Library

Treatment Foster Care Resource LibraryAt Knowles Centre, foster families are an integral part of the team of professionals who help young people facing serious challenges to find a path to a better future.  In addition to 10 weeks of intensive pre-service training, families take part in ongoing workshops and education sessions after foster children join their home.

Now, the Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program has developed an in-house lending library that provides additional resources for foster families.

The library is open to families registered in Knowles Centre’s TFC program.  It includes a range of books and other material suitable for children, teens, and foster families.  Currently, the library includes more than 60 specially selected resources.  New material will be added over time.  Foster families are welcome to visit the library and to borrow material for up to three weeks.

In addition, Knowles Centre has developed a recommended reading list of material that is available through the Winnipeg Public Library.  These books may be borrowed through any Winnipeg Public Library.  Those living outside Winnipeg can request an inter-library loan through their local library.

Please click on our links for a list of material in the
TFC Lending Library or the Winnipeg Public Library recommended reading list.  Or contact Judi Heppner, TFC Clinical Case Manager, at 339-4692 (ext. 170) for more information.
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