Treatment Foster Care Program

Treatment Foster Care is an effective model of care that brings together professional treatment services for children and youth who are overcoming difficulties with the strength of a caring individual, couple or family from the community.

Under the close supervision of Knowles Centre staff, a child in our Treatment Foster Care program lives with a foster family in the community but at the same time can access the special help he or she needs.

Clients may be referred directly to the Treatment Foster Care program or move to a foster family after a stay at one of Knowles Centre’s group homes. Children and youth may remain in Treatment Foster Care for a brief time or several years, depending on their needs.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help clients develop their full potential and to return to their birth family or to live independently in the community.

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The Children We Serve

Knowles Centre’s Treatment Foster Care Program serves both boys and girls of all ages and may be from Winnipeg, or other communities throughout Canada.

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Children referred to the program typically have specialized behavioral or emotional needs and may be depressed, acting out, suffer from a psychiatric illness, or a family crisis. He or she may have trouble forming relationships, experiencing difficulties in school, or may be struggling to work out past relationships.  From time to time, children may have siblings that need to be placed together.

Whatever the need, the child can be helped in a family setting while they receive the assistance they need.

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Becoming a Treatment Foster Care Parent

Every foster family has something special about them.  While some foster parents have some formal training or experience, all share a commitment to make a positive difference in the life of a young person.

Foster parents may live in Winnipeg or in rural parts of the province.  They may be single or a couple with or without other children living in the home.  They are willing to learn about the

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needs of the child and to help him or her grow emotionally and change behaviorally.

To help foster parents with this challenging commitment, Knowles Centre provides 30 hours of initial intensive training whenever possible.  Subsequent monthly sessions continue to address important and timely issues as well as provide opportunities for the families to connect and develop informal support groups.

In addition, foster parents receive a high level of support, consultation, respite, supervision and financial compensation. 

On-call support is available 24 hours per day.

Part of a Team

Foster parents are the front-line caregivers, but are not alone.  They are part of a team that includes the child’s birth family, CFS worker, and Clinical Case Manager from Knowles Centre. Therapists and school staff may also be involved.

In addition, children in the Treatment Foster Care Program may access and benefit from the support programs at Knowles Centre, including the Biimautaziiwin Aboriginal Cultural Program, Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, psychiatric consultation, John G. Stewart School, and Knowles Centre camp in the Whiteshell. As well, Knowles Centre offers a family suite for arranged visits between clients and their birth families.

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Resources for Foster Parents


Where can I get more information?

There is much to know about Treatment Foster Care Program.  Often the information can be overwhelming; however, if you have ANY interest in fostering or want more information, we would be pleased to speak with you.

For more information, click visit our Treatment Foster Care information page , or contact:

Andrea McKenzie
Program Director, Treatment Foster Care Program
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 116)
(204) 338-9082 - Fax

Pam Freeth
Program Coordinator, Treatment Foster Care
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 118)
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sonja Whitwell / Marianne Carroll
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 143)

Tina Case
Program Assistant
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 173)

Tammy DelaRosa
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 147) 

Marijana Dumbovic
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 112)

Pam Freeth
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 118)

Roni Dhaliwal
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 170) 

David Hayward
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 176)

Nikki Spigelman
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 115)

Trudi Tinant
Clinical Case Manager
(204) 339-4692 (ext. 124)



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