Client Rights and Responsibilities

Every person who receives care from Knowles Centre has RIGHTS, in addition to their basic human rights. Rights are what I should have or be able to do in order to survive, thrive, and meet my full potential. No one can take them away from me.


My RIGHTS as a client at Knowles Centre:

1.     To help decide what is best for me.

2.     To live in a safe and nurturing environment where I receive food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and supervision.

3.     To receive assistance if I am ill, have been hurt, neglected or mistreated.

4.     To be free from sexual, physical or emotional abuse, or exploitation.

5.     To be protected from harmful drugs and from the drug trade.

6.     To participate in recreation activities.

7.     To practice my own culture, language and religion, and to express my sexual orientation in a way that is free from discrimination.

8.     To receive quality education that will help me to develop my talents, abilities and potential.

9.     To expect privacy regarding my body, my personal space, and my communications.

10.  To know what information is being kept about me, and how it is collected, used and disclosed.

11.  To form my own thoughts and opinions, and to share them by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends the dignity of others.

12.  To be given consequences for my actions in a fair and dignified manner.

13.  To speak up or ask “why?” and receive answers.

14.  To receive legal help and fair treatment in the justice and child welfare systems.


I also have RESPONSIBILITIES to Knowles Centre and to myself.  By respecting my responsibilities, I help ensure that Knowles Centre is a safe and welcoming place for me and others.


My RESPONSIBILITIES as a client at Knowles Centre:

1.     To make safe and healthy choices for myself.

2.     To respect the rights of others.

3.     To participate in my treatment plans and goals.

4.     To follow the rules of the program that I am in.

5.     To respect Knowles Centre property and help maintain the space I use.

6.     To take care of my own belongings.

7.  To accept responsibility for my actions.


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