Trauma Recovery, When Love is Not Enough

Knowles Centre is proud to present a professional development conference featuring Dr. Kennith Hardy.

Trauma Recovery, When Love is Not Enough
November 6 and 7, 2014

When Love is Not Enough: Trauma Recovery and Foster/Adoptive Families

Foster and adoptive family systems are two of the most challenging family structures to understand and to engage with clinically.  Not only do these families have to successfully negotiate the “normal crises” of everyday family life, but they must do so against a backdrop of attachment disruptions, ambiguous loss, invisible and divided loyalties, and challenging family legacies. Well-intentioned foster and adoptive parents are often ill prepared for the enormous emotional, psychological, and physical demands that frequently accompany the fostering and adoptive experiences. For children involved in fostering and adoptive experiences, their lives are often characterized by pervasive and profound layers of trauma. The hidden trauma wounds associated with foster care and adoption require constant attention, which often is a challenge for many families, as well as the human service professionals trying to help them.

For therapists and other human service professionals working with foster and adoptive families, the clinical demands we face are endless and the change we hope for is much too slow. Trapped between trying to decide which crisis to focus on first, coupled with the families’ entanglement with numerous social service agencies, frequently deems even the most experienced workers frustrated, exhausted, and teetering with hopelessness.

This workshop will take a fresh look at the intricacies of foster and adoptive family systems.  A Relational Approach will be introduced as a model for providing intensive trauma based systemic therapy.  Specific strategies will be provided for addressing hidden trauma wounds, the dynamics of oppression, complex family processes, and the myriad of diversity-related issues that often underpin effective work with foster and adoptive families.  Relevant Self of the Worker/Therapist issues also will be addressed. 

Innovative Interventions
with Distressed and Traumatized Youth

Whether economically impoverished inner city youth or young people sequestered in the sanctuary of the suburbs, exposure to trauma is often an inescapable reality. Sadly, much of the stress, distress, and trauma confronting today’s children and youth is connected to untimely experiences with loss. Traumatic loss is a pervasive condition in the lives of children and youth whether it’s the loss of one’s home, victimized by senseless gunfire from being in the right place but at the wrong time, or the loss of a parent surrendering to the advance stages of a chronic illness.  This workshop will take a fresh look at working with distressed and traumatized youth and provide innovative clinical strategies for effectively working with them.  Innovative interventions for unmasking trauma, assessing the hidden effects of tangible and intangible losses, and promoting effective grief work will be highlighted. Relevant Self of the Therapist issues will be explored.


1. To provide a trauma informed clinical approach for working with distressed and traumatized children and youth;

2. To provide innovative strategies for nmasking and effectively treating traumatic loss;

3. To provide effective strategies or promoting effective grief work; and

4. To identify relevant Self of the Therapist issues that may impede or facilitate clinical effectiveness.


 Conference Details:

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9am - 4pm Thursday, November 6:  When Love is Not Enough: Trauma Recovery and Foster/Adoptive Families
Early Bird (Sept. 26 deadline) $150
Regular Registration $200


9am - 4pm Friday, November 7:  Innovative Interventions with Distressed and Traumatized Youth
Early Bird (Sept. 26 deadline) $240 (Nov 6 & 7)

Regular Registration $275 (Nov 6 & 7)


The November 7th session draws heavily on information from the November 6th session.

To attend the November 7th session you must register for both.


Registration includes lunch and refreshments.                  

To register via email or telephone, or for more information, please contact Craig Ebbers at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (204) 339-1951 ext 160.

Accommodations provided by and conference located at:
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1415 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, MB
(204) 667-5560     1-888-332-2623

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Certificates of Attendance are available upon request

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Diet / Allergies: Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies when you register

Cancelation / Refund Policy: If unable to attend, we will be happy to refund the full amount paid minus a 15% administration fee if notified in writing or by email 15 days prior to the conference date OR a substitution may be made if notification is received in writing or by email prior to the conference.



About Dr. Hardy

Dr. Kenneth Hardy is an internationally recognized clinician, author, educator, and consultant. Dr. Hardy is a Professor of Family Therapy at Drexel University in Philadelphia and is the Director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships in New York City and specializes in family therapy with oppressed and traumatized populations.

He has received considerable acclaim for the contributions that his numerous publications and videos have made toward challenging the field to think critically about issues of diversity, trauma, and oppression. In addition to his own writing, Dr. Hardy is a frequent contributor to the popular media and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dateline NBC, and 20/20.

Dr. Hardy is the co-author of the following books: Revisioning Family Therapy: Race, Class, Gender and Culture; Teens Who Hurt: Clinical Interventions for Breaking the Cycle of  Youth Violence; and Minorities and Family Therapy.

Dr. Hardy maintains a practice in New York City.

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Trauma Recovery, When Love is Not Enough

Nov. 6 & 7, 2014

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